bespoke guide

how to bespoke

How does it work?

– Select your preferred bouquet type (Hand-tied/Cascading/Classic round/Minimalistic)

– Select your size

–   your style (Organic romantic/Rustic bohemian/Eclectic and Wild/Florist pick)

– Select your colour theme

– Share with us more on your preferred inspiration/mood/themes in the text input

– Share some more details in the text input (i.e flowers to avoid or specific flowers)

View size and style here.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We allow text inputs for the bespoke options to allow you to have further customizations of the bouquets (i.e. specific flower types, showing picture references, etc). However, do note that flowers are subject to availability.  * In the event we are unable to fulfill your order, we will contact you asap.

Want further customizations or haven’t seen anything of your taste? Get in touch with our team here.

size and type guide

Size guide

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